ZD1600 Series

Zero Turn Mowers

  • Warranty 2 years

The NEW Kubota ZD1600 is all about more - more power, more space, more comfort. Expect fuel efficiency and high reliability from this full-size zero-turn mower and its V1505CR diesel engine. Powerful yet precise and quiet, it helps you cover more ground to get the job done efficiently with maximum comfort.


Kubota diesel engine

The ZD1600 boasts a meticulously crafted Kubota diesel engine, renowned for its unwavering reliability during extended workdays. With an impressive 30.8 horsepower, this powerhouse ensures swift and efficient completion of tasks.

Kubota Pro 60" or 72" Mower Decks

Choose between a 60” or 72” mower deck based on your preference and size of your property. Kubota Pro mower decks are designed for superior cut quality while maximizing power efficiency.

Side or rear discharge mower deck

Choose where you want to discharge your grass clippings, whether you prefer from the side or rear. You can also add a mulch kit or operator-controlled discharge chute for full control over the clippings.

Easy-to-use LCD screen

A bright LCD monitor provides clear engine status and displays the current state of the regeneration system in easy-to-understand text. It’s simple to use, modern in appearance, and easy to read in both sunny and dark conditions.

Front tie down points

When transporting your ZD1600, it’s easier to secure to a trailer thanks to the tie down hooks found at the front and rear.

Power outlet

Get power on the go with the ZD1600, whether you’re charging your phone or powering an air pump.

Mow in total comfort

Mount and dismount the ZD1600 with ease thanks to the full-flat operator platform, and get comfortable with its factory-equipped air ride seat and thick cushion mat which leads to less fatigue.

Foldable ROPS

While the ROPS keeps you safe, it also folds down making it much easier and more convenient to store and transport the ZD1600.

Easy access

We’ve made it simple to access important areas of the ZD1600 when it’s time for inspection or maintenance. The large hood opening makes the engine easy to access and a mower maintenance lift is also included.

Outstanding stability

Thanks to a lower center of gravity, wide stance, and low profile tires, the ZD1600 has incredible stability on a variety of terrains.

Oscillating front axle

The ZD1600 mowers have the oscillating front axle for a smoother ride and increased operator control on rough and uneven terrain.

Compatible Attachments

    Mulching Kit

    Operator-Controlled Discharge Chute (OCDC)

    Deluxe Canopy

    Light Kit