TE4000 Series



Maintenance Friendly Gearbox

The Kubota TE4000 Series features a maintenance friendly gearbox mounted directly to the frame that provides full support across the tedder. No load or torsion are placed on the gearbox.

Low Power Requirement

The TE4000 Series tedder provides an ideal solution for low-horsepower tractors. Weighing only 904lbs (410kg) and with a horsepower requirement of only 25hp.

Strong Chassis Design

The Kubota TE4000 Series is built around a rugged new box section chassis, made out of one piece of metal with only one welding seam - for maximum rigidity. The chassis design is fully enclosed at the top edge for maximum strength – an exceptionally solid design, which allows the tedder to withstand the most severe loads.

Universal Joints

Double U joints allow for a smooth transfer of power from the tractor to the rotors.

Easy Transport

During the hydraulic folding for transport, the tines are automatically raised. This allows for an exceptionally narrow transport width

Easy Spreading Angle Adjustment

Simple three-way adjustment of wheel height, allows the optimum spreading angle to be achieved according to crop conditions.

Super-C Tines

Kubota tedders are fitted with 0,39” (10mm) a shot-peened steel spring and a 3.15” (80mm) diameter coil. These features allow it to be the most durable and flexible tine in the market.

Easy Attachment

The pull-type drawbar is an ideal solution for small horse power tractors. The machine levels automatically during folding and for transport.



    • Hitch Type: Cat I or Cat II
    • No. of Rotors: 4
    • Working Width: 17'1"