M7-4 Series

Agricultural Tractors

  • Warranty 6 year

Introducing a new generation of the M7 series, the simple and reliable Kubota M7-4. You talked, we listened: the M7 series brings a variety of new features for greater productivity and operator comfort. Expect Kubota power and the capability needed for big jobs with major performance from 128 - 168 horsepower.


New Loader Joystick

Front loader operations are simplified with the new mechanical control joystick that’s also ergonomically designed for operator comfort. It’s equipped with shuttle shift and range gear shift buttons so you won’t need to frequently change your grip between the joystick, steering wheel, and shift lever.

Fast Implement Attachment and Detachment

Reduce time and effort when attaching front-end implements. The optional hydraulic Euro Attachment Lock lets you change your front attachments such as bucket, bale spear or pallet fork while remaining seated in the cab.

Greater Durability, Better Maintainability

All pin joints feature a new, highly durable bushing that improves wear resistance. This new bushing also requires less frequent lubrication—just once every 30 hours rather than the industry standard of 10 hours—thereby improving durability and reducing maintenance costs.

Xpress Restart

Directly control the main clutch by simply pressing the brake pedals. The tractor can be stopped without clutch pedal usage for maximum convenience and productivity.

Parking Brake Switch

Minimize fatigue without physical hand brake engagement with the press of the parking brake switch. It automatically engages when you leave your seat while the engine is still running, or when the engine is turned off. This feature is included on all Premium KVT models.

Multi-Speed Steering Control (MSSC)

Reduce fatigue and improve productivity by setting the steering responsiveness per rotation of the steering wheel. Make your steering more aggressive to increase maneuverability when working in tight spaces and doing loader work.

LED Work Lights

Powerful LED lights ensure excellent visibility when working early in the morning or late at night. Included on all Premium Powershift and KVT models.

Improved Settings Control

Subtle operation settings can improve performance while the following settings can be adjusted through the K-minitor: shuttle modulation, PTO modulation, KVT sensitivity, cruise control, valve swap function, and custom start-up gear setting.

Automatic HVAC

Whether it’s a hot summer day or freezing cold outside, set your desired temperature inside the cabin to work comfortably. This is standard on Premium Powershift and KVT models.