Ideal for Low-HP Tractors

Kubota single rotor rakes are designed with low power requirements, while still delivering considerable productivity. With a pivoting three point linkage machine as well as two tandem-axle trailed versions, there is a model to suit your needs whether raking flatlands or hillsides.

Easy Transport

Kubota rotary rakes feature narrow transport while still providing large working widths. Each tine arm is detachable and easily stored on the main frame. The swath deflector and safety guards can be folded for transport or storage and hydraulic lift is used when crossing windrows or traveling between fields.

Curved Tine Arms

All Kubota rakes feature cranked tine arms for significantly cleaner raking performance and optimized swath formation. This design ensures that the row of tines on each tine bar has a more effective approach angle to the oncoming crop, and also gives a cleaner lift of the tine from the formed swath.

Kubota Compact Rotor

The rotor is grease lubricated within a fully enclosed housing. The maintenance-free cam track, cam followers, as well as the bearings of the rotor star axles, are permanently running in an oil bath. Both the rotor and pinion shaft are mounted on two bearings to increase strength and service life.

Standard Tandem Axles

Tandem axles come standard with trailed single-rotor rakes for improved ride smoothness and increased support. Tandem axles are available as an option for RA1035 rakes.

Hitch Gauge Wheel

A 3rd support wheel is available for perfect ground adaptation without any need for a chain type top link. Ensures better overall flotation.

Road Light Kit

Available with a road light kit for improved visibility during transport.

Tines & Tine Saver Clips

Kubota Single Rotor Rakes feature durable tines and are available with optional "tine-saver" clips help prevent the loss of tines in the field in the event any are damaged. CompactLine: 0.35" (9mm).



    Single Rotor Rake
    • Working Width: 11'5"
    • Weight: 926 lbs
    • Rotor diameter: 9'2"
    • Tine Diameter: 0.35"
    • Type: 3-Pt Mounted


    Single Rotor Rake
    • Working Width: 13'8"
    • Weight: 1257 lbs
    • Rotor diameter: 11'
    • Tine Diameter: 0.35"
    • Type: Drawbar


    Single Rotor Rake
    • Working Width: 15'4"
    • Weight: 1466 lbs
    • Rotor diameter: 11'9"
    • Tine Diameter: 0.35"
    • Type: Drawbar