Durable CompactLine Gearbox

The Kubota CompactLine rakes feature oil-immersed cam discs and guide rollers. Also, the tine arm bearings are fully lubricated, and hence are absolutely maintenance-free. High-tensile tine arm holders and two bearings on either side of the driveshaft, provide the compact unit with strength and dependability.

ProLine Gearbox

A unique fully enclosed drive system design comprised of oil-immersed pinion and crown wheels making the entire system maintenance-free. The optimised shape of the curved disc allows the tine arms to lift higher, leaving a more uniform swath which ensures a faster drying process.

Kubota Tine Arms

Tines are angled towards the driving direction preventing material from being pushed to the inside. This results in more capacity, improved performance and a more even swath.

Exceptional Maneuverability

Featuring a combination of hydraulic rotor and swathboard lifting with improved steering allow for better maneuverability in the field.

Easy Transport

Tine arms can be mounted on the main frame for narrow transport width. Multiple easy solutions are available for swathboard folding.

Tractor Cab Control

All functions can be controlled from the tractor cab. This includes swath positioning, hydraulic sideshift, and a simple cable is used to activate the standard hydraulic lifting of the swath board.

Kubota Terralink Suspension

Provides perfect ground following and stable transport down the road. It also gives superb stability on slopes for hassle-free operation.

VARIO SideShift

Hydraulic sideshift on EVO and VARIO models allows for exact rotor rear positioning and allows for variability in working width. Sideshift can be utilized for obstacle avoidance or to stop crop from being trampled. A special feature on the RA2071T VARIO is the possibility to sideshift both rotors - both front and the rear - from the tractor cab.

Flexible Swath Positioning

Offers multiple options for precise swath positioning. Able to create one or two swaths, with the option to combine two swaths. The side delivery concept allows you to collect crop from 49’2” (15.00m) into 4 small, 2 medium or 1 large swath.

Tandem Axles

Tandem axles are available for both front and rear rotors for ultimate stability and improved ground following ability.

Optimal Rotor Placement

Unique rotor set up with a smaller rotor in the rear in combination with one tine arm more secures a perfect swath under all conditions.

Tines & Tine Saver Clips

Both CompactLine and ProLine rakes feature durable tines and are available with optional ""tine-saver"" clips help prevent the loss of tines in the field in the event any are damaged. CompactLine: 0.35"" (9mm), ProLine: 0.39"" (10mm).