LX20N Series

Specialty Tractors

  • Warranty 6 year


Sleek and formidable

The LX3520N measures a mere 39.4” in width, meticulously crafted to excel in orchards, vineyards, nurseries, or any setting demanding a slender tractor boasting LX20 power and unwavering dependability.

Powerful performance

The LX3520N boasts an impressive 34.9 engine horsepower and 29.6 PTO horsepower, delivering robust strength within its compact form to effortlessly operate a diverse array of attachments.

Reliable Gear Drive Transmission

With 12 forward and 12 reverse gears, the Kubota LX3520N offers dependable and effortless operation, catering to a wide range of jobs and applications suitable for this nimble tractor.

Unparalleled Implement Versatility

The Kubota LX3520N Series, equipped with an extensive selection of performance-matched implements, purpose-built to conquer your most challenging tasks with ease.

Space-Saving Foldable Center ROPS

Designed to excel in compact environments, the Kubota LX3520N boasts a foldable center ROPS, ensuring easy maneuverability in tight spaces, under low trees, around overhead obstructions, and effortless storage in limited spaces.

Ample Hydraulic Output

The Kubota LX3520N delivers a robust 19.7 L/min hydraulic output at the 3-point hitch, facilitating seamless operation for a variety of hydraulically driven rear attachments.

LED Headlights

Keep working during nights and early mornings: LED work lights come standard for the LX3520N.

Ergonomic Lever Grips and Steering Wheel

Enjoy easy access and smooth, low vibration in your hands and arms with every application. It’s just right, every time.