L01 Series

Compact Tractors

  • Warranty 6 year

Simple to operate yet amazingly powerful, the L01 Series tractors are ideal for everything from estate maintenance chores to commercial landscaping and small farming.


Enhanced operator's deck

The L01 Series features a spacious operator's platform for optimal operator comfort. The ergonomic design means that the operator experiences less fatigue. The semi-flat design of the deck makes even mounting and dismounting the tractor easier.

HST and gear transmissions

The transmission delivers smooth operation with 4 main-shift speeds in two ranges (Hi/Lo) for a total of 8 forward and 4 reverse speeds. Choose either 2WD or 4WD to best suit your needs. The optional HST transmission offers simple forward and reverse change and 3-range shifting for optimal operating efficiency. Optional cruise control is also available on HST models.

Hydraulic independent PTO & 3-point hitch

Equipped with a user-friendly hydraulic independent PTO and three-point hitch, this convenient feature lets you operate the L01's PTO without using a clutch. Engaging and disengaging the PTO is simple with an electric PTO switch. Other features include a flip-up type PTO shield, top link holder, and telescopic stabilizers.

New dash panel

The dash panel features larger gauges and a digital LCD panel that provide vital information including engine error codes and a Parking indicator.

New seat

The suspension system offers a high level of comfort, and the contoured seat is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue, even after long workdays.