LX10 Series

Compact Tractors

  • Warranty 6 year

When you build a compact crossover tractor with quality, comfort, and versatility in mind the Kubota LX10 Series delivers. It's equipped with a powerful fuel-efficient Kubota diesel engine and deluxe seats to keep you comfortable.


Loader with optional swift-tach & self levelling

The Mechanical Self-Levelling option allows the LX10 Series’ front loader to operate with additional precision while the optional Swift-Tach kit allows you to attach or detach the loader even more quickly.

Deluxe Cab

The factory-installed cab is packed with premium features like our standard heater and air conditioner. A new seat with deeper suspension keeps you comfortable and supported as you get jobs done while the standard LED work lights and front and rear wiper and defogger provide you with optimal visibility.

Powerful Kubota diesel engine

The LX2610 comes with a renowned and proven 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine. The LX3310 model features a powerful and efficient 4-cylinder Turbo, Common Rail System Kubota diesel engine. The LX10 Series features both Open Station and Cab options and brings you great fuel economy, lower emissions as well as a high level of power, torque and performance in Canadian weather.

BH77 Backhoe

The BH77 is a powerful, smooth operating backhoe, with large digging depths, and comes equipped with bucket compatibility.

4 point hitch & K-Connect

The 4-Point Hitch allows you to pick up front attachments and the K-Connect lets you engage and disengage the front Power Take-Off (PTO) easily.

60" & 72" mower options

Choose from a variety of reliable Kubota mid mower decks for quick quality cuts on the yard.

Affordable special utility model

Enjoy value and quality performance with the LX2610SU variant. This model packs impressive performance, larger tire options, high front loader and 3-pt hitch lifting capacity.

Exclusive Goodyear R14 tires

Experience grippy traction on snow, ice, turf or mud with these high-quality tires.

Compatible Implements / Attachments

    BB12 Series

    Box Blades

    PD10 Series

    Post Hole Diggers

    RTA12 Series

    Rotary Tillers

    RTR12 Series

    Rotary Tillers

    QH16 Series

    Quick Hitches

    FDR16 Series

    Grooming Mowers

    RCR12 Series

    Rotary Cutters

    CA15 Series


    K Connect

    Front Hitch & Driveline (BX)

    K54-K64 Series

    Rear Snowblowers