ZG200-3 Series

Zero Turn Mowers

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Durable Kubota engines

The ZG200 mowers offer gasoline Kubota made engines which are proven, high performing, efficent and reliable. These engines easily exceed the expectations of commerical landscapers and help take on any heavy mowing condition out there.

Operator deck/floor panel

The ZG200 series offeres a foot platform with ample space and an intuitive placement of the parking brake lock and the hydraulic lift.

High capacity HST transmission

For superior durability, Kubota has incorperated an integral-type twin hydrostatic transmission. It's hermetically sealed structure requires no maintenance or belts to change.

Kubota gas engine

The V-Twin Kubota gasoline engine delivers durability and productivity like no other. This reliable, air-cooled engine offers outstanding performance and quiet operation.

Pro commercial mower deck

For outstanding cutting performance, the ZG200 decks offer a shaft driven mower deck with advanced baffle design that helps improve airflow to better discharge clippings, optimizing mower performance and quality of cut.

Easy maintenance

The seat lifts up for quick access to the HST, the hood lifts open for routine maintenance and access to the engine and the operator platform hatch along with Kubota's tilt-up feature and maintence lift kit for deck maintenance makes the ZG200 very easy to maintain.