ZD1000-3 Series

Zero Turn Mowers

  • Warranty 2 years


Kubota diesel engine

The Kubota ZD series use their own proven, quality and reliable engine. These environmentally friendly, fuel efficient, powerful engines are industry known and pefectly matched for the ZD1000 mowers.

ACS Deck (Aerodynamic Cutting System)

The new ZD1000 have a ACS deck which optimizes cutting and discharge efficency. The improved airflow also results in reduced power consumption, work effciency, and increased fuel efficiency.

Outstanding stability

When combined with the ZD Series' long wheelbase wide, large-diameter rear tires, and fuel tanks mounted above the tires and below the seat, the result is outstanding stability on a variety of terrains.

Adjustable oscillating front axle

The ZD1000 mowers have an adjustable oscillating front axle for a smoother ride and increased operator control on rough and uneven terrain.

New low profile tires

The new low profile rear tires improve the ZD's stability and traction and the wide tread help minimize turf damage.

Operator comfort

The new ZD1000 series mowers have a new adjustable suspension seat, adjustable armrest, higher backrest, and lumbar support to make operation comfortable for any operator no matter how long the day may be.