Z700 Series

Zero Turn Mowers

  • Warranty 3 years

Designed for the landscape professional the Z700 offers best in class performance, productivity, comfort and the durability that Kubota is know for. For exceptional performance and the most challenging conditions, Kubota has added EFI models to the Z700 Series.


New powerful and proven EFI engines

Easy to start and maintain, these smooth-running EFI engines feature an electronic governor (E-Gov) and an advanced ECU that work together to maximize engine performance under a wide range of commercial mowing conditions. - Z751KWI & Z781KWTI Only

Transmission with integrated pump and motor

The Z700 Series is equipped with dual Parker ® transmissions. Designed for easy maintenance, each transmission has an integrated pump and motor for increased efficiency and simplified service. Also, each transmission has a separate oil supply for increased durability.

Ultimate comfort

The adjustable premium suspension seat is standard on all Z700 models. The 21.2" high back with adjustable armrests, 6" seat slide and 3" vertical travel gives the operator plenty of adjustments that could be made to get the ideal seating position.

Intuitive design

All controls and indicators are neatly placed for quick, easy, user-friendly access. The EFI models have a dial throttle adjustment that is practically effortless while in the operator seat.

Safe and effective operation controls

Wide operator platform with foot activated parking brake and deck lift which helps ensure the operator has full control of the operation levers at all times.

Adjustable controls

The operator levers and deck lift pedal, control levers and HST dampeners are adjustable making it comfortable for any one to run the Z700 models

LCD meter on EFI models

A bright and easy-to-read LCD meter provides all the information you need as an operator to keep your Z700 EFI models running at optimum efficiency. - Z751KWI & Z781KWTI Only

Engine load and fuel consumption feedback

The EFI Z700 models have a toggle switch allowing the operator to see either how much of the engine power is being consumed or real-time indication of current fuel consumption. - Z751KWI & Z781KWTI Only

Improved grass catcher design

This new grass catcher has a new blower guard for added durability and a new latch system to give you better access for routine maintenance and cleaning.

Outstanding stability

Z700 series has wide stance rear tires and heavy component positioning under the seat to create a low center of gravity and ultimate terrain hugging performance.