SZ Series

Zero Turn Stand-on Mowers

  • Warranty 2 years


Mowing made Easy

Conveniently designed to make mowing a breeze. The operator platform easily folds away giving operators the option to either ride or walk behind while mowing. Plus, the compact design of the SZ series permits work in tight spaces with ease.


Powered by commercial-grade Kawasaki engines, each Kubota SZ series stand-on mower is primed to deliver effective on the job capability. Great zero-turn maneuverability can also be achieved thanks to the unit’s low center of gravity and agile operations.

Durable DNA

The SZ series is built for tough commercial-grade mowing demands. It’s clad in heavy-duty reinforced materials designed to resist and sustain year after year of use—offering operators more up time to take on the tasks ahead.

Quick and nimble

Enjoy agility and speed in one package. With top transport speeds of over 17 km/h, and zero-turn mowing capability, the Kubota SZ series is engineered got great mowing maneuverability - in wide open, or tight spaces. just go and mow!

Mow it your way

The SZ series come with an adjustable reference bat and dampers to give operators a personalized experience. Wide and angles operator platform offers ample foot space. And for added versatility, the operator's platform flip-ups, turning the SZ into a walk behind mower.

Compact and convenient

Thanks to its small footprint, the SZ series is easy to trasnport, store and load on a trailer. Best of all, it's easy to drive - simply get on behind it and enjoy commercial-grade mowing at a moment's notice.