SVL Series

Compact Track Loaders

  • Warranty 2 year

Kubota, a trusted and world-leading manufacturer of construction equipment, is proud to bring you our SVL Series Compact Track Loaders. These compact track loaders deliver best-in-class bucket breakout force and lifting capacity, outstanding stability, a wide and comfortable operator area, and much more. When it comes to high performance, reliability and comfort, the road leads to Kubota.


Widest Cab in the market with roll-up door

The wider cab entrance, with a 36” side-screen to side-screen width, allows operators to comfortably pivot when looking to their rear. When coupled with a rear view mirror, rear visibility is at its maximum. Cab models come with Heat and AC standard.

Vertical lift

Easily dump into the tallest dumpster or truck, thanks to Kubota’s outstanding vertical lift. It raises the bucket even higher without sacrificing any of the exceptionally long reach. Hinge Pin Height of each model is: SVL65-2 - 118.5”, SVL97-2 - 128.5”. Self Leveling up is standard on all SVL models.

Low effort hydraulics pilot controls

Work next to home structures and curbs with confidence. Kubota’s hydraulic controls provide maximum feel and precision – with no adjustments or settings necessary. Start moving when you think you’re going to start, and stop moving when you think you’re going to stop. The SVL65-2 features an Advance Multi-Function valve for industry leading simultaneous function. The SVL97-2 features a closed center hydraulics system for the best simultaneous function.

High flow hydraulics with 14 pin connector

Having high flow increases the hydraulic muscle for attachments that need more hydraulic horsepower. With this option auxiliary hydraulic flow increases to: SVL65-2 - 28.0 gpm, SVL97-2 - 40.0 gpm. The coupler manifold includes both 1/2" and 3/4" couplers. SVL97-2 is standard with high flow auxiliary hydraulics while it is an option on the SVL65-2.

Two speed travel with electronic torque management

Shift from low gear to high gear to get the job done faster. One-way hydraulic self-leveling helps keep the bucket or pallet forks in a horizontal position without the need to manually adjust the angle during lifting. The electronic travel torque management system lets you work faster with more power. By optimizing hydraulic performance when pushing or moving heavy loads, the system prevents engine stalling allowing for faster recovery.

Main frame and undercarriage

The welded integrated mainframe and undercarriage forms an integral part for maximum durability with no exposed hoses. A highly reliable triple flange track roller design not only minimizes the risk of detracking, but improves stability as well. They are lifetime sealed and lubricated.

Easy maintenance

The cab can be tilted 72° without having to lift the arm, allowing easy access to the hydraulic pumps, valves, lines and hydraulic tank. The radiator can be tilted for easy cleaning. Easily accessible grease zerks.

Reliable Kubota engines

A loyalty hallmark, Kubota Engines have proven their worth time and time again. Kubota is the largest manufacturer of under-100 HP engines. You can find them in all of our diesel engine powered units – and even those of some of our competitors who take advantage of its reputation.

Compatible Attachments

    Snow Pushers

    Snow Blowers


    Brush Cutters




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    Skid Graders

    Stump Grinders

    Powered Rakes

    Cold Planers

    Road Saws

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