SCL1000 Series

Stand On Compact Loader

  • Warranty 1 year


Compact size and width

The SCL1000 will fit in on any landscaping job, thanks to its compact 36-inch width. Don’t let that narrow size fool you: its standard wide track gives you exceptional ground pressure.

Versatile attachments

Choose from a range of attachments that will make your workday more productive. From augers to build fences and decks, to trenchers for digging and installing irrigation systems, to a power rake to prep ground, you’ll find the SCL1000 can help with all your jobs.

Auxiliary flow adjustment

Increase or decrease the hydraulic flow going to your attachments with auxiliary flow adjustment. The result? Greater control and performance.

Passcode start

Keeping your equipment safe is more important than ever. The SCL1000 offers a passcode start so only your operators can get it moving.

Easy maintenance

All equipment requires maintenance. The SCL1000 makes it easy, with ready access to the hydraulic filter, air filter, engine oil filter, fuel water separator and grease track tensioner.

Compatible Attachments




    Powered Rakes

    Pallet Forks