R30 Series

Wheel Loaders

  • Warranty 2 year

Equipped with state of the art features, Kubota’s R30 series range offers outstanding visibility, powerful performance and increased productivity. With quick couplers and auxiliary hydraulics, Kubota’s R30 series wheel loaders can operate a wide variety of attachments. Compact in design, the R30 series features fully articulated steering for easy navigation in tight spaces. With an oscillating body and long wheel base, the R30 series offers superior stability and strong traction on tough terrain. The Kubota R30 series offers true versatility for any job.


Articulation and frame oscillation

Our wheel loaders are most often operated in heavy terrain and we include the features for top performance. Articulation allows the rear tires to follow the same track path as the front tires for greater maneuverability and control of the loader. Rear frame oscillation is intentionally chosen over rear axle oscillation for superior workability in uneven ground conditions.

Hybrid link system

The well balanced cylinder position of the Kubota Z link system combines the advantages of both Z link and parallel link systems. You get strong bucket force when excavating and grading, and a lift path almost parallel to the ground for superior reach and lifting.

Comfortable work station

Comfort is the key to operator efficiency. That’s why the R430 offers a supremely comfortable cab for the operator. From the wide entry and ample leg room to the fully adjustable suspension seat, every detail is designed to reduce stress and fatigue and enhance comfort and operability. The 360° view out the front, sides, and rear lessen the risk of damage in tight work areas, further reducing operator stress. The cab is mounted on rubber pads to minimize sounds and vibrations and maximize ease and comfort. Heat and Air Conditioning are standard on cab models.

Limited slip differential

Limited slip differential Mud, sand, snow, and other challenging terrain are no problem at all for the R430, thanks to its 4-wheel drive and limited slip differential. When one front wheel slips on loose or soft terrain, power is transferred to the opposite wheel, restoring traction to let you power through to firm ground.

Load sensing transmission

As load conditions change, so do the R430’s speed and torque, automatically shifting from high speed/low torque to low speed/high torque. A touch of a button reduces the maximum travel speed while maintaining full auxiliary hydraulic power.

Hydraulic coupler option

Quickly and conveniently exchange attachments to satisfy the needs of any job. You can choose the hydraulic coupler option so you don’t ever have to get out of the cab when changing attachments.

Powerful Kubota engine

The new R430’s powerful engine produces 47.6 horsepower, a remarkable 20% increase over the R420’s 39.2 horsepower. You’ll appreciate that extra muscle when accelerating, pushing, and climbing hills.

Backhoe option

Kubota’s rugged rear backhoe attachment expands the R430’s versatility. With a digging depth of 108.3” (2750 mm), this rear backhoe is ideal for compact trenching tasks.