L02N Series

Specialty Tractors

  • Warranty 6 year


Narrow and powerful

The L02N is only 52.7” wide, specifically engineered to work in orchards, vineyards, nurseries, or anywhere else that requires a narrow tractor with L02 power and reliability.

Powerful performance

With 48.4 engine horsepower and 40.5 PTO horsepower, the L02N has power in a tight package to run a wide range of attachments.

Dependable implement versatility

The NEW Kubota L02N Series comes with a wide range of performance matched implements to take on your toughest jobs.

Modern styling that matters

Updated bonnet and grille keep engine and tractor protected from the elements. Ergonomically designed lever grips and steering wheel provide easier access and smooth low vibration operation. The new LED work lights deliver great visibility in tough conditions.

Foldable Center ROPS

Narrow and nimble, even when storing. The Kubota L02N features a foldable center ROPS for those tight spaces with low trees, overhead obstructions and limited storage space.

Standard versatility

The L4802N Narrow model comes standard with a set of rear remote valves, making it ready for a variety of applications.

Hard-working hydraulic capacity

The L02N’s 3pt hitch pairs with a large capacity hydraulic cylinder and pump for heavy-duty lifting capacity and performance. This also enables the unit to work well with different implements and attachments to handle a variety of applications.

Compatible Implements / Attachments

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    Rotary Cutters

    FDR16 Series

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    FM25 Series

    Flail Mowers

    QH16 Series

    Quick Hitches

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