GR Series

Lawn Tractors

  • Warranty 3 years

Mow your lawn and mow it well with this top of the line, premium lawn tractor. You’ll get the job done quickly with outstanding All Wheel Drive traction and an efficient 48’ or 54’ mower decks. Discover ultimate comfort through the high back suspension seat. This tractor is built for you by providing reliability through both Diesel and gas engine options, a shaft drive mower deck and Glide Steer technology resulting in a flawlessly cut lawn time and time again.


Durable engines

The GR mowers offer options in both gas and diesel engines which are proven, high performing, efficent and reliable. These engines generate a high torque rise that easily handles hours of heavy duty mowing or snow removal.

Shaft drive transmission and mower deck

The low maintenance shaft drive transmission and mower deck will provide years and years of reliable service with far less maintenance than conventional belt drive mowers.

Hydraulic PTO clutch engagement and mower lift

Conventional mowers utilize an electric PTO clutch and belt driven mower decks. The GR’s shaft-drive mower deck and hydraulically engaged PTO clutch deliver reliability with far less maintenance. No more drive belts and pulleys to maintain. The hydraulic lift makes it easy for any operator to raise or lower the deck to quickly change heights or avoid obstacles.