GF Series

Front Mount Tractors

  • Warranty 2 years


Powerful compact lightweight Kubota diesel engine

The 16.6-horsepower diesel engine in each of these front tractors provides high torque rise to handle tough mowing jobs, even in thick grass. Fuel economy is superb with Kubota’s Three Vortex Combustion System (TVCS). You get cleaner exhaust and quiet operation. Rubber engine mounts minimize vibration, and cooling air is discharged to the rear, away from the operator.

Kubota HST

The Hydrostatic transmission with cruise control makes mowing smooth and simple with an easy one-foot-pedal operation.

Hydraulic wet-type multiple-cisc PTO clutch

The hydraulic wet-type multiple-disc PTO clutch is the first in this class. Very durable, it engages smoothly with reduced shock and needs less maintenance. No belts or pulleys are needed.

Easy maintenance

With these front-mount tractors, it’s easy to mount and remove attachments to match your specific needs. The tractor’s battery is within reach for quick servicing. The radiator dust screen is easy to remove for fast cleaning. Changing air and oil filters is fast and simple, since these service areas are easily accessible.

Optional attachments

The GF has a variety of different attachments making this front-mount lawn tractor a great choice for those looking utilize their investment year round.