F10 Series

Front Mount Tractors

  • Warranty 2 years

The NEW Kubota F10 meets every expectation year-round. Make every turn with greater efficiency, versatility, and power with our highest-ever horsepower front-mount mower. You’ll maneuver through tight paths with ease as you mow grass or clear snow at any time of day.



Get comfortable

Get the job done in a comfortable and fully adjustable seat. The armrests come standard and you can select between a suspension or air ride seat.

New parking brake

Secure your ride at the end of a productive day with ease. The new parking brake on the F10 is dash mounted and easier to lock for trouble-free access and operation.

LED work light

The F10 is equipped with a powerful LED work light for better visibility in low light conditions so you have the ability to get the job done at any time of day.

Easier maintenance points

We’ve made it easier to access important areas of the F10 for your daily check points. The air filter is on top of the engine for easy access, the radiator screen can be quickly removed for cleaning and the hood now has a strut to make opening and closing easier. The floor panel door is larger for easier entry to the drive shaft, and the mower deck tilts 90 degrees.

Dependable diesel engine

The Kubota Common Rail System diesel engine provides better fuel economy and lower emissions as well as a high level of power, torque and reliable performance. Its combination with the Diesel ParticulateFilter (DPF) Muffler further reduces emissions to make it compliant with the TierIV emissions regulations.

Rear tie down hooks

If you need to transport your F10, it’s easier to secure it to a trailer thanks to the tie down hooks found at the rear.

4WD and auto-assist 4WD

Auto-Assist 4WD works in forward and reverse, automatically controlling the drive loads on the wheels during turns. Auto-Assist 4WD lets you turn with greater efficiency and ease with less wear and tear on the turf. Full-time 4WD can also be engaged.

Go all season

The F10 can be put to work 24/7/365. Switch from a front mower deck to a variety of attachments for spring and fall cleanup or snow removal. Work from a Canadian climate certified cab to stay productive and comfortable all year round.

Compatible Accessories/Attachments


    Snow Blower

    Front Blade

    Debris Blower

    Rotary Sweeper

    Rotary Mower

    Grass Catcher